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wholesale water beadsAt Qonex, Inc. our program is created with your success in mind. We have been involved in all aspects of the water bead business and we know what it takes to make it work. We got tired of our distributors changing the rules in midstream just when we had our business running how we thought it should. We don’t impose our branding or tell you how much you can sell your product for. Our business is wholesale water beads, the supplies to sell them and the techniques that will translate to more sales and money in your pocket.

As true wholesalers of we strive to give our dealers the best quality and prices available in today’s market. If you’ve reached our site, we know that you are considering one of the most exciting and profitable products to come along in many years. Our dealers enjoy several perks that other distributors can only dream about.

For instance, when you buy a water beads dealership from Qonex, Inc., you will receive a free replicated website just like ours that is linked to your dealership identity. When you refer a customer to your dealer site you will never have to touch a bead or ship any products. We take care of it all. When these sales happen, you get 50% of the sale. What could be easier? You are free to market your dealer site any way that you wish and we give you the tools to do so. For more information about the our dealership websites, Click Here.

If you would rather get involved with shipping and packaging your own product, another option is to have us build  a professional website just for you.

Availability of Our Products

water beads wholesaleWe keep a constant supply of inventory on hand and are ready to ship within 24 hours. We can’t make the promise that will we never run out of anything but we will make the effort to satisfy the largest order. There are weeks that we go through hundreds and hundreds of pounds of water beads.

When you need sales support, marketing ideas, or just want to say hi there’s never any charge. Whether you’re an event planner, exhibitor, retail purveyor or wholesale reseller, we can give you valuable insights and information that you won’t find elsewhere. We even have a community blog/forum strictly for our dealers to chat and compare techniques and strategies. That’s what you get when you order wholesale water beads from us.

We have three different inexpensive dealer kits, Premier, Standard and Economy. We want to give you the flexibility to choose the right package because we don’t want you invest more than need be to start  your business rolling. One thing you won’t get from us is prepackaged, overpriced products branded in our name. We want your customers to stay your customers and not try to jump ship when they see our labeling.

Quality Water Beads

Whether you call them water beads, aqua gems, hidro gel, water gel, crytal soil, or a myriad of other names, you can be proud of the product you offer when you buy your goods from us. They are the finest quality non-toxic, colorfast wholesale water beads on the market.

To find out which Dealer Kit is right for you, Click Here

wholesale water beads business

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Super Absorbant Polymers | Diapers

Did you know that the super absorbant polymers used in adult and baby diapers is also the same material used for the 12 colors of decorative water beads? The technology and performance of SAP (super absorbant polymer) has been spearheaded by demands for the disposable hygiene segment. Headway in performance has allowed the development of super-thin baby diapers which use only a small percentage of the material – previously fluff pulp – which early disposable diapers consumed. Quite a difference in appearance when you use them for plants.

Reasons for Buying Bulk Water Beads

Buying wholesale water beads is something that not a lot of people do. Some might buy water beads for personal use but it is only a small amount. If you are planning to buy them bulk, you should buy high quality water beads or polymer crystals. High quality polymer crystals absorb water but the plants can absorb water from these beads, meaning that they are beneficial to the plants. They are also non-toxic and, when colorfast, the colors do not stain the water, rugs, plants, counters, and so on. If you see that they are shrinking because the plants absorb the water in them, all you need to do is to pour more water in the container.

You should buy wholesale water beads if you are planning to do any of the following:

  • You should buy polymer crystals in wholesale if you are going to re-sell them to customers.  People who have a crafting store should buy polymer crystals in wholesale and repack them in smaller bags so that they can be sold to customers at a retail price. You can get profit by doing this.
  • If you are an interior designer and you have clients who want to use polymer crystals for decorating their home and garden, you should consider buying them in wholesale. This way, your client can save money especially if you are going to use a lot of them. If you still have enough left, you can keep them and use them for decorating another client’s home or garden.
  • You can also use wholesale polymer crystals for making giveaways and souvenirs for special events like weddings, birthdays, baptismal, baby shower, and so on. You can create different kinds of souvenirs using this decorative material.
  • You should buy these polymer crystals in bulk if you are going to use a lot of them in your garden or other parts of your home. Some people use water beads to completely cover the soil. You will need a large amount of water beads if you are going to do this.

In case you need wholesale water beads for decorating or making something, you have to make sure that you are buying high quality water beads that meet certain standards.

Water Bead Bulk Purchasing Guide

Many people pose the question, “How many pounds of water beads should I buy?” or they will say something like, “I am trying to fill 25 vases, will 1 pound be enough?”.

This is a particularly tough question to address as we usually don’t know the volume that you are referring to.

Here is a quick reference for those of you planning a large event.

Our water beads are packaged in 7 gram bags. Some others will sell 5 gram bags.

Each 7 gram package makes 2.5 cups of hydrated water beads. There are 454 grams in 1 pound.

454 grams divided by 7 grams = 64.85 packages per pound

64.85 packages (1 pound) = 162 cups of hydrated water beads

1 Pound dry of water beads will make roughly 10 gallons of hydrated water beads.

So when you are trying to get an idea of a quantity to order, fill your vase to its water line and measure the amount.

That makes it easy.